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The 2/327th "NO SLACK" Vietnam living history group take this seriously, and we are always looking for like minded and new dedicated members. Our aim to look as realistic in our portrayal of the combat soldier in Vietnam as is possible. We have to remember that we have not earned the right to wear these uniforms,and we are doing this as a tribute to all those that fought and died in the war.

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The minimum age is 18 years and older.

Basic uniform requirements: Tropical Combat Boots – Originals are preferable, but reproductions make for a good start. Jungle uniform consisting of pants and shirt – again original is preferable, but a good set of reproductions will do to start. M1 Helmet with Mitchell pattern cover M56 Webbing – the minimum requirements for webbing would be a pistol belt, two Ammo pouches and two Canteen Carriers with canteens Boonie Hat – or hot weather Cap

Additional uniforms and kit: Rucksack – lightweight, No late Alice Packs. T shirt Towel Bandoliers Poncho Poncho Liner E-Tool Claymore mine Bag Extra canteens First aid pouches

Basic Weapons: M16A1, with either early three prong or later birdcage flash hider. m60 m79 Grenade Launcher

We wouldn’t expect you to have all of these items initially, but they would be required at a later date,and current group members will help out when possible for you to achieve this. There are numerous items that can be used to add to the overall impression – too many to list here, but these are things that can always be discussed.

Group requirements: There are several of us in the group and we are spread throughout the country. We understand that not everybody can make every event that we attend and you would not be penalised for it. We would however expect you to make some effort to attend as many events as you can throughout each year. There are no joining fees, however, there are small fees that will be discussed, and in some cases insurance fees to cover us at shows

Our photos represent the type of Living History stands we have at the shows , there is a lot of time and effort that goes in to these full size dioramas and all members of the group contribute. And you should not expect to turn up and use everything without contributing to the dioramas in one form or another. We have been involved in filming in the past and obviously this requires great detail with original kit, we are also heavily involved with the only flying Huey in the country. We are a friendly bunch and all get on extremely well and as such would expect any new members to make an effort to get on with everybody, ideas are always welcome and no command structure is set in place, however long established members do carry out more of the administrative issues. If you have any questions,or you would like some more information about NO SLACK VLHG, please contact us at.

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